Staycation Vacation’s Realtor Referral Program

Staycation Vacation’s
Realtor Partnership Program

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Get Paid for Every Rental Property Owner You Refer To Us.

Earn 3% Ongoing Commission on Rental Revenue

Are you a licensed realtor?

If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you. Simply refer a client to us and get paid for it!

We Offer a Competitive On-Going Commission

We offer a commission for any qualified client you refer over to us. That is, a client that will sign up for our Vacation Rental Property Management Services.

And, once the client you’ve referred to us sells, we guarantee to return them over to you.

Please note that we only work with licensed realtors.

At Staycation Vacation, we strive to offer rental property management solutions using the most up-to-date techniques and tools available.

You Can Trust Us with Your Clients

From our years of experience doing business in this industry, we know how essential carefully-crafted client relationships are to our success. That’s why we always look to build partnerships with real estate agents.

With these high-quality standards, our aim is to lead them through the next phase of their vacation home ownership journey. Our aim is to aid them maximize their investment and maintain a profitable business post-closing.

Any future sales related to your clients are still yours to make!

Is there a limit to how many clients you can refer to us?

Of course not! You can send as many clients as you can. Are you ready to make that leap? If so, we are ready to welcome you to our team.

How Our Partnership Program Works

At this point, you are probably wondering – how does Staycation Vacation Partnership program work?

Here’s our standard process:

1. Send a Client Our Way

First and foremost, you’ll need to fill out a form in order to send us a client.

It’s best to let your client know in advance about this arrangement.

2. We Reach Out To the Client

We’ll contact the client and let them know about all the options available to them.

We’ll then help them choose the right package depending on the needs of their property.

3. We’ll pay you a ongoing commission

You’ll earn 3% ongoing commission on rental revenue for every client who signs a contract with Staycation Vacation.

That’s ongoing passive income for you. While your client earns, so do you!

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Why Join Staycation Vacation Realtor Program?

By joining our team, you’ll enjoy the following unique benefits:

  • You will still be able to make future sales. You won’t have to give up on future sales when you decide to work with us. We’ll return the client over to you when that time comes.
  • Our expert team will keep your client happy and taken care of. We’ll advise your client on all matters regarding the industry. For example, insurance requirements, fair housing regulations, and rental laws.
  • We generate detailed contracts to protect both of our interests.
  • We have the industry experience. We know how to keep a client happy through a high standard of professionalism.
  • We’ll pay you a competitive ongoing commission for every qualified client you send our way.
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