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11 Reasons to Hire Staycation to Manage Your Vacation Rental Property

Added: Mar 14, 2019
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As a vacation rental owner, it's your job to always find ways to improve your guest experience. Remember, first impressions make a lasting memory. 

Your goal should be to wow your guests enough for them to come back again and again. Plus, if your guests have a great experience, they will refer your property to friends and leave you with winning reviews.

When looking to make your guests’ stay more enjoyable, one thing that you cannot afford to overlook is the amenities. They can make all the difference between a one-time guest and a returning guest.  

Below is a vacation rental checklist that will help you be an awesome host and consequently help you maximize your revenue.

1.Welcome Items

Guidebooks/Local Maps/Recommendations 

Providing guidebooks and local maps can really help your guests get acquainted with the surrounding area. 
You can also provide them with a list of your own recommendations for places to visit. This can include recreational areas, restaurants, favorite local shops, or other attractions. 

Welcome Package/Gift Basket

Another welcome item that you can give your guests is a welcome package or a gift basket. The items don’t need to be flashy or expensive, just the essentials with something uniquely special will do. A good example is a bottle of wine or an assortment of cookies and teas from a local shop.


Beach Items

Is your home located on the beach or have access to it? If so, then it would be a great idea to provide your guests with a few basic beach items to help them enjoy their stay. Such items may include beach towels, an umbrella or two, beach chairs, and maybe a beach ball.


Did you know that a great landscape can increase your property’s value? When it comes to vacation rentals, beautiful landscaping and well-maintained lawns means more appeal and better value. It also tells your guests that you put effort and care into your property. 


A hammock is a relaxing and fun feature to have. It sets the vacation mood that you want your guests to feel. It can help your guests gently swing all their worries away. Their kids will also love it!


Who wants to stay indoors all the time, especially during a vacation? To make your vacation rental even more appealing, create a fully furnished deck, balcony or porch for you Florida vacation guests to enjoy. 

Grill and Grill Tools

Having an outdoor grill is sure to attract guests to your vacation rental. Some prefer charcoal while others prefer gas. That said, gas grills tend to be more convenient. So, if you must choose one, then choose a gas grill. This way your vacation rental guests can enjoy a nice BBQ party. 



Sure, your guests may all have mobile phones. But, it’s still worthwhile to have a telephone service in your vacation rental. This is especially important in case the area has a poor cellular signal or your guests are from out of town. 

Pet Friendly

Is your vacation rental pet-friendly? If not, you could be losing out on a lot of bookings. According to a survey conducted by the National Pet Owners, about 85 million families of U.S. households own a pet.

That said, you’ll have to judge based on your own individual circumstances, as allowing pets also comes with its own set of challenges. For example, guests with allergies would want to seek other accommodations.

Handicap Accessibility 

Handicap accessibility ranks among the “most valued added” amenities, according to Tripping.com. If you don’t provide it, then make sure you mention it when listing your vacation rental. 

Smart Home Devices 

Smart key locks for check-ins, remotely-adjustable thermostats, and TVs with streaming services are becoming increasingly trendy. Having smart home amenities will give higher value to your rental.

AC/Climate Control

Another feature that many vacation guests expect in a Florida rental home is air conditioning. If you do not have one, consider installing fans. Your guests will certainly appreciate the feature during the sweltering summer heat.

4.Tools/Cleaning Supplies

Waste Disposal Bins

Your guests will need these when trash receptacles in the bathrooms, kitchen, and bedroom become full. No one wants the smell of trash taking over their unit. 

Broom/Dustpan/Mop and Pail/Vacuum

Make sure that these cleaning tools are in an obvious and convenient location for quick accessibility. You never know if an accident might happen. 

5.The Bathroom

Hair Dryer 

Don't expect your guests to come with their own hair dryers. As such, make sure you provide one. It will be a great convenience for them. 

Bath Towels

This is another item that guests will not expect to be packing along with their clothes. Therefore, provide one set of good quality white towels for each one of them.

Soap/Body Lotion/Shampoo and Conditioner

Although many guests may prefer to carry their own, some might forget to bring bath products. So, it’s better to provide them. Getting some local products is always a treat for visitors. 

6.The Bedroom

Clothes hangers

While they can easily be overlooked, hangers help your guests with storing their clothing. Although small, this helps guest feel more at home and at ease with their stay

Quality beds and beddings
After a hard day of vacationing, your guest will want an inviting and comfortable place to rest. So, make sure you provide them with good quality beds and beddings. This should include a mattress cover, bed linens, pillows, and coverlets.

White bedding is always a good idea as it makes the bed look cleaner and newer.

7.The Kitchen 
Cupboard/pantry space 
Seems pretty obvious, right? Many vacation rental owners overlook it however. So, make sure you provide plenty of cupboard or pantry space for your guests’ groceries. It may even entice your guests to stay longer, seeing as they don’t have to eat out for every meal. 
Provide your guests with cookware like a multi-purpose grater, cups, utensils, serving spoons, spatulas, a knife set, pots and pans. This allows your guests to make beautiful meals to enjoy on their vacation. 

Paper towels, oven mitts, pot holders, and dish towels
These essentials are often overlooked but very necessary should your guests decide to dine.
Coffee maker and coffee
A coffee maker enables your guests to start off their day with a delicious cup of coffee. This way they don’t have to go out and search for a coffee house in the morning, making their life easier and their vacation more tranquil.  

Entertainment and Recreation
When it comes to entertainment and recreation, make sure you provide your guests with things like:
Books and games
Swimming pool/hot tub
Pool table or ping-pong table
Media Room with a game console
Universal remote 

As a vacation rental owner, properly welcoming guests and providing them with great features is an art that you must perfect. Hopefully, this checklist has helped you make the appropriate changes your rental needs.  

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